Special giveaway to a child with autism

Dear friends,

My beloved little son Raphael is turning 5 years old on 26 October.  We are going to celebrate this event and decided to give away a Darling Waldorf Doll Liza to a child with autism.  We hope this doll will bring childish joy to her new friend.

By this giveaway we would like also to send our message to parents; believe in yourself, your child and your dream.  The world is just full of examples of how love, understanding and consistent work with these children bring them back to the normal life. In addition the world has always been full of extraordinary bright minds, which happened to be autistic in childhood.

If you are a parent of a child with autism I welcome you to participate in this special giveaway by leaving a comment.
The winner will be randomly picked by my son from the list of participants on 26.10.12 and announced at 9pm GMT.

I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. From my son Raphael this doll will go to your daughter Sarah Linette with best wishes for her. Love you all. God bless you.