About me

My name is Farida. I am a doll maker, wife, mom of two, mother worrier, nature lover and ecology fighter.

With my husband Elias and two boys teenagers Johnny and Raphael I live in a beautiful Greek village surrounded by mountains and hills close to the Aegean Sea. In addition to being passionate about my family, doll making and knitting, I’m also crazy about traditional music, biking and planting vegetables in my little yard. As a family, we love to travel  to mountains for skiing on winters and  explore different beautiful greek islands on summers.

By profession I was a teacher but I stopped my carrier when we found out that my younger son had autism. All started after the age of two and half where things started getting worse and worse.  Very close relatives were telling to give up on him, that we never would be able to function as family and I would never be able to have a job. But my decision was not questionable.  Hundreds hours of speech and occupational therapies didn’t show any difference, he was five and still was not speaking. Until I found online group of moms healing their kids with biomedical treatment. They were mothers worriers. After change of diet, life style and addition of supplements we started seeing light in the tunnel. Now my beautiful son is 12 y.o. he is in the 5th grade, learns playing piano, plays basket and swims. He is not speaking only Greek but also English.  Thank to him I found the way back to myself, to my true vocation. Because since I remembered myself I was always trying to make things with my hands. To knit like my grandmother, to embroider like my mom, to sew like my sister, make things from wood like my grandfather. All these skills brought me to dollmaking.

I truly love making dolls, now I am making waldorf dolls for about ten years. If you’d ask why waldorf doll and not any other I’d say that I believe by our nature we need to be closer to nature, to use imagination, to touch natural materials.