Notes from Darlings’ loving Families

Thank you for creating joy and beauty, we love our little Darling!

Tracy Edens

Oh my goodness… I was lucky enough to welcome one of these sleeping babies into our family as a present for my daughter… Her fave when we opened the package!! She kissed the baby straight away! I’m so incredibly happy with every detail from the external packaging and stamps to the handmade bag the baby came in. The weighting in the belly is so perfect. I’ve never felt a waldorf doll that’s so “alive” and warm… I need one for myself ❤️❤️ Thank you SO much ????


I just wanted to tell you that Willa arrived safe and sound! I love her – she is beautiful! You are an amazing dollmaker!
It truly was like Christmas morning, opening the beautifully decorated box and the fabric bag to find Willa and see her adorable little face! I love every detail – her shoes, the reindeer hat, the embroidery of Santa, his sleigh and his reindeer, and leather straps on her overalls. There are so many wonderful details that make her a work of art! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and workmanship and thank you for packaging her with such care to ensure that she arrived safely. I will treasure her!

Right now, she is sharing a bench with Jingle Bear beside the Christmas tree! They seem quite happy together!?


Hello, Merry Christmas!
I adopted your Darling Bertina awhile ago, but I just opened her box today. She is a Christmas gift from my husband.
I collect Waldorf inspired dolls, but she is my favorite of all I’ve collected. Her expression is so innocent and lifelike, and very unique from all the other dolls in my collection. The details, like dress embroidery, sweet dimples, and her little bunny, truly bring her to life. Plus she feels so soothing and snuggly to hold and smells so good!
I am SO thrilled that I was able to adopt her. I will always treasure her, and I hope to have the opportunity to bring home more of your darlings. Thank you so much and I hope you have a beautiful new year! ???

Nicole, USA

I just opened Sweet Little Reindeer Paula! Oh My Goodness! You are So Gifted. Everything about your work is Joyful! Including the entire process of opening the box and wrapping. I believe with these sweet dolls, you help to scatter joy in the world. God Bless You. And Thank-You so Very Much!

Ariel ? arrived well this week and she is superb, thank you very much !! What a delicate job and her hair is soft !! I only have dolls with bands made from goat or camel hair, and it's not that soft ... 
Thank you for this beautiful scented package that I had the pleasure of discovering, everything is beautiful ?
Emmanuelle, France

This adorable 8” tall baby bunny was not made by me. I purchased it many years ago for my collection of Waldorf-inspired dolls. It was made by a very talented dollmaker in Greece whose business name is Darling Waldorf Dolls.


Sweet Juliette arrived today! I’m more than happy with her.
She’s such a beauty!!! Her little fox and her clothes are brilliant!

Farida puts so much love and craftmanship in all her dolls and her skills are outstanding!
Every doll from her is unique and a treasure for many years.

Can’t wait to give this doll to my daughter.

I just can say: thank you again, Farida!

Isabel Austria
OMG, they arrived yesterday and i am in love. So adorable!!!!!!
Thank you so much.

I bought a doll for myself for Christmas. Words can’t describe how beautiful this doll is! She arrived beautifully packaged.
This is my first doll from Farida. My doll is something very special and will bring me joy for years. The communication with Farida is always very good and she’s very helpful.
Thank you so much Farida!!!

Mariza, The Woodlands, Texas.

Received this sweet little guy this morning and he’s just so adorable! I wasn’t expecting him so fast. He was a wonderful surprise today!❤️


this bunny doll really has a special touch, and is created with the finest of workmanship

Kirsten US

I bought a baby doll for my daughter for Christmas. Words can’t describe how beautiful this doll is! She arrived beautifully packaged.
This is our second doll from Farida. Her dolls are something very special and will bring joy for years. The communication with Farida is always very good and she’s very helpful.
Thank you so much Farida!!!

Isabel Austria

Ordered a doll and outfits for my little girl for Christmas. They arrived beautifully packaged and are so well made. There is so much love put into these dolls. It is my favorite gift under the tree this year. I will definitely order again.

Gwendolyn from the USA

Since we discovered Darling Waldorf Dolls around a year ago, we have brought many darlings home for our family, girls, and ourselves. The craftsmanship, creativity, and heart that is in each one is incredible. They have provided countless hours of comfort, love, play, and laughter. We cannot express enough what a joy Farida is to work with, and the love and care that she puts into each Darling. It’s truly incredible.

Thank you so much Farida for our Darlings, and for creating such beautiful companions!

Sarah and Kit from United States of America

This time I bought a beautiful doll dress in light purple for my daughter’s doll. It is very beautiful! The embroidery is so detailled and amazing!

Isabel Austria

I just received a doll I purchased recently and I am just over the moon with her. As to my surprise my daughter also purchased Riley and gifted her to me last week for my birthday. These dolls are just gorgeous from head to toe!❤️

Kristie from the US

I recently purchased a doll, Nadja and as much surprise my daughter surprised me with another doll, Riley for my birthday. Both dolls coming within a few days of each other. They are both just fantastic from head to toe.❤️

Kristie from the US, state of Indiana

yesss the shoes arrived on time !!! sooo beautiful ??

Lieke de Kort Holland

I bought a beautiful knitted outfit with foxes! It is very high quality and the craftmanship is excellent!


We are very happy with our doll. She is so well made and her clothes are really beautiful!!

Isabel from Germany

I brought knitted playsuit with hat and socks, just arrived today.
Very pleased with the outfit, it is extremely well made and the quality of material is high.

Georgia from England