Danae and Snowdrops.

Waldorf Doll / Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Darling Waldorf Doll Danae is 15 ” tall doll with the bascet full of snowdrops.

Her body is made from hight quality cotton tricot from Switzerlands (Laib Yala) and stuffed with clean sheep wool.
Her hair is mohair crocheted into mohair wig.
Her eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton threads.
Cheeks are painted with ecological beewax used in Waldorf pedagogy.

Danae is wearing a dress from japanese velvet, cotton skirt, knitted hat and crocheted little boots with pure organic wool yarn.

She’ll be happy for warm hugs and care.

If you want to give her home you can find her here http://darlingwaldorfdolls.com/product/darling-danae-and-snowdrops/

snowdrop6snowdrop5 snowdrop4 snowdrop3 Snowdrop DANAE11 DANAE10snowdrop9snowdrop7DANAE8DanaeDanae2IMG_9192Poor girl she got a spot on her cheek after so long play outside. I cleaned and this is the result!


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