Darling Celine

Waldorf Doll / Monday, June 10th, 2019

This is darling Celine. Little blond curly girl with a kind character. She is wearing a light blue linen romper with an embroidery of a rabbit, cotton panties and tights. She has linen/cotton blend bonnet and cotton cardigan with blue flowers. Celine wears leather booties in cream color.

Her body is made of best quality tricot cotton fabric made by Laib Yala. Filled with organic carded wool. For her hair I used very soft pure mohair weft and for the base of wig mohair boucle in same color.

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8 Replies to “Darling Celine”

    1. Hello Robin!

      Thank you for your interest in this doll! Unfortunately, the doll found her new home even before your comment.

      However, in the near future I am going to upload new dolls!

    1. Dear Robin! I’ll be able to take some custom orders from September. New doll can be ready on October. Is this waiting time is ok for you?

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