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13″ Darling Waldorf Doll workshop


I created this listing for those who don’t have PayPal and can pay only with a card. I’ll create your personal account and send it to you as soon as possible.

Welcome, darlings!

Welcome to my online course on making a 13″ Waldorf doll. In this course, you will learn making your own fabric doll step by step. The course contains 19 detailed lessons which you can watch any time you can and as many times as you wish until you succeed.

Who is this online course for?

Anyone interested in sewing who wants to create their own doll.

Requirements and materials

Basic knowledge of sewing is required for this course, and the ability to use a sewing machine is also recommended.

As for materials, you need:

– A sewing machine and an iron

– Invisible pen and scissors

– Doll  fabric and other cotton fabrics for the dress, bonnet, and bloomers

– Carded wool for stuffing

– Mohair yarn for a wig and wool yarn for a cardigan and Mary Jane shoes

– DMC thread for eyes, mouth, and eyelashes

– Beeswax crayon for blushing cheeks

Happy dollmaking!

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Available clothes & shoes

Updates about new dolls