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Pippa in the Summer


Little Pippa came to life from the enchanting children’s book “Pippa and Pelle” by Daniela Drescher.

Pippa is a charming 12-inch tall doll, lovingly handcrafted from organic carded wool sourced from Wollknoll in Germany, and light-colored cotton doll fabric from De Witte Engel. Her soft, dark blond mohair hair adds to her delightful appearance.

Dressed in a sweet cotton polka dot dress, bloomers, and socks, Pippa exudes a playful yet timeless charm. She is accessorized with a wool felted hat and tiny leather shoes, adding to her woodland fairy-tale look.

Pippa also comes with a delightful surprise: a carrying bag featuring the whimsical Pippa and Pelle print fabric, filled with adorable felt strawberries. This little detail brings a touch of magic, making Pippa a perfect companion for imaginative play.

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