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Kamilla the Bunny


Little darling Kamilla the Bunny is 6.3″ (16 cm) and was born in 20+ hours of hand-stitching inspiration by my fellow toy-maker sister Alma.

The sweet thing is wearing a lace collar after finding out in a fashion magazine that it is trendy nowadays! 😀

She is delicately made of retro plush fabric manufactured in the 50-60s, while the stuffing is done with cedar wood shavings and sawdust.

Kamilla’s head, arms and legs are firmly attached to the body with discs and cotter pins, which give her the ability to turn her head and move her limbs.

Eyes are a window to the soul as they say, and as usual I have put in a lot of time, effort and attention into creating the look and the facial expression of little Kamilla, to try and convey her personality and inner world.

Have a very beautiful day!

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