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Darling Ida


Introducing Ida, a sweet little girl who brings joy and warmth wherever she goes. Standing at 15 inches tall, Ida is lovingly crafted from organic carded wool by Wollknoll (Germany) and light-colored cotton doll fabric from De Witte Engel. Her hair is a fantastic, wavy, and very soft mohair, giving her an enchanting and lifelike appearance.

Ida is dressed in a charming linen dress and bloomers, perfectly reflecting her gentle nature. To keep her feet cozy, she wears a pair of socks and adorable leather shoes. Accompanying her is a sweet bunny, ready for endless cuddles and adventures.

By the way, our girls have so many toys to play with, and if instead of the bunny you would like Ida to be accompanied by a teddy bear, you can choose one of the teddies in the last photo of this slideshow (and just let us know in the comments to your order).

Ida is meticulously handmade by my sister Alma, who pours her heart and expertise into every detail, ensuring that Ida is not just a doll, but a cherished companion.

Thank you for welcoming Ida and her bunny into your home!

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