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Forget me not Fairy PREORDER


**Forget-Me-Not Fairy** emerged from the enchanting illustrations of Daniela Drescher.

This lovely fairy stands at 12″ tall and is crafted from organic carded wool Wollknoll (Germany) and light-colored cotton doll fabric De Witte Engel. Her hair is made from dark blond goat wool in braids, giving her a natural and whimsical appearance.

Forget-Me-Not Fairy comes in a beautifully designed carrying bag adorned with fairy print fabric. She also carries a little blue felted forget-me-not, adding to her charm. She is dressed in a stone-washed linen dress layered over a white sundress, complete with bloomers. Her outfit is topped off with a wool-felted fairy hat, delicate wings, and fairy shoes, making her look like she stepped right out of a magical woodland.

Available now for preorder with a one-two months making time.

Only 1 available


Available clothes & shoes

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