Christmas Giveaway!

Waldorf Doll / Sunday, December 12th, 2021

Christmas is coming, time for magic, time for good deeds. Let’s spread love and joy.
As one of Santa’s helpers I made and sent all dolls. Happy and finally relaxed I was preparing for Christmas when I received a letter from Santa Claus…one child was about to be left without a present! Santa warned the doll was forgotten here…
Now we need to find who is that child (or person, we’re all children in our hearts). It can be from any part of the world. Leave a comment and tag someone you think could get this Darling Baby Doll. You can tag as many people as you want and grow the possibility to win. Like this post and follow. The winner will be chosen next Sunday by a random generator and announced at 4 pm gm 11 am est.

5 Replies to “Christmas Giveaway!”

    1. Dear Petra, thank you very much, my heart fills with joy when I read your message. This gives way ended last Sunday, and on the way to get new home

  1. I have searched these Babies for years. I love them so much, I hope to one day own one and share with my grand daughters. The Darlings are so incredible! I love your website!

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