Darling Aurora and Ariel

Waldorf Doll / Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Darling Dolls Aurora and Ariel are about 14″ tall.

They are made of cotton tricot Laib Yala, Swiss and their bodies  are filled with organic carded lamb wool Wollknoll, Germany.

Their hair is Leicester sheep wool crocheted into a wig.

Girls are dressed in double gause cotton musselin romper and bonnet and linen sundress with embroidered strawberries. Also they wear cotton socks, unerpants and handmade leather shoes. They bring with them a little doll.

Thank you!

Aurora and Ariel will be available on Friday  April 16 at 7 pm GMT

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  1. They are very beautiful! They call me to hug them?How can someone get one of them? How much do they cost? Please inform me.

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