Augustina’s story.

Waldorf Doll / Thursday, August 9th, 2012

This is a little girl Augustina. She is a very kind girl. Most of all she loves animals and she takes a lot of care of the bunnies that her granny has in her yard. Augustina has a dream, when she is be big enought she would find all animals that need help and would give them home and care.
Once a kind neighbor which had chickens gave her an egg. He told that it was not a simple one but it was a golden egg and a little golden chicken can be born from it. Augustina was estonished. That seemed really miraculous. With the help of the lamp she warmed this egg for many days and each day turned it, so it can be warmed from all sides.

Often Augustina was taking her egg outside to the sun, she was sure that the egg was happy. “When will the baby chicken hatch out?”

A big surprise was waiting for her one day when she went to see her golden egg. It told her “peep’… A tiny fluffu ball with two black spots for eyes was there!
It was cutest thing that Augustina ever saw in her life!

She thought that it was the best day of her life because she brought into this world a real warm beautiful creature. Augustina was really happy.

Her little friends bunnies gatheres all around the chick. Everyone wanted to hug it and they all were wandering how they would call it, what would it eat… “Well” told Augustina “we’ll call it Koko and for for food I’ll go to the garden to find some corns, I’m sure it will love fresh corn seeds.”

“It seems very tired, kids” told Augustina and placed Koko into a little bascket. She covered it with her little sweater to keep it warm. “Good night and good rest, my dear baby!”

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