Little lessons of Ria to her sheep ;)

Waldorf Doll / Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Hello! I am Ria, actually my name is Maria but all my family and friends call me Ria. I am… hmm I don’t remember, mom, how old am I (my son would ask me too)? Well, I have a little pet, it is a sheep and I call it Mimmy. Usually we spend many hours together. We love playing in our yard. 

Mimmy is a bit naughty. It likes to try everything it finds in our yard and garden. So I look after Mimmy all the time…

– Oh, not watermelons again, silly Mimmy! Mom said it is not ready yet!

– Here you are! Ok you can try some tomatoes but not too much, otherwise you’ll have colics again.

– Look Ria, I am an acrobat!

– Now we are good, you can find anouth fresh grass here, Mimmy!

– It’s time to take a little rest in the shadow of the tree.

This is Darling Waldorf Doll Ria (15 inches tall) and her crocheted with mohair boucle and wool sheep. They are ready to go and available in my shop.

Ria wears a linen polka dot dress, white tricot bloomers, crocheted shoes. Ria’s hair is long tibetan wig.

Thank you for visiting! I wish you a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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