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Austin the Bear


Darling Austin the Bear is 7.5″ tall and is carefully hand-stitched for more than 20 hours of inspiration by my fellow toy-maker sister Alma.

The sweet thing is wearing a fashionable scarf because that’s what all the cool kids on the block do.

He is delicately made of vintage plush fabric manufactured in the 50-60s, while his body is filled with cedar wood shavings and sawdust.

Austin’s head, arms and legs are firmly attached to the body with discs and cotter pins, with which he can turn his head and move his arms.

His sweet little eyes are made of glass in a way that hopefully lets you see all the affection that he is giving away with his small but loving heart.

The fella is shipped from Russia free of charge, and such shipments usually take 2-3 weeks to reach UK or North American destinations.

Have a very beautiful day!

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