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Jennifer Daffodil Fairy Lumina🌼


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Introducing Lumina, the enchanting daffodil fairy doll who embodies the radiant beauty of nature’s own daffodil flower. Standing at a graceful 12 inches tall, Lumina is meticulously crafted with organic carded wool sourced from Wollknoll in Germany, ensuring a touch of natural elegance in every detail. Her delicate features are accentuated by wavy blond hair styled in two charming braids, framing her enchanting face with warmth and charm.

Lumina’s attire reflects her connection to the earth and its vibrant flora. She is dressed in a yellow stone-washed linen dress, reminiscent of the daffodils she adores. Adorning her dress is an apron intricately embroidered with a delicate daffodil. Beneath her dress, she wears bloomers, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement as she dances among the flowers.

Completing her ensemble are her signature felted fairy shoes, crafted with care to resemble the delicate petals of a daffodil. With each step, she leaves behind a trail of magic and wonder, spreading joy wherever she goes.

Lumina is more than just a doll; she is a symbol of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us in the natural world. With her gentle presence and ethereal grace, she invites you to embark on a journey of imagination and exploration, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and every moment is filled with enchantment.

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