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Darling Finnley the teddy bear


Finnley is 6″ (15 cm) tall and completely hand-sewn with love and 20+ hours devoted to attention to details by my fellow toy-maker sister Alma.

The little fella is dressed in a cotton/linen shirt and pants. Finnley is also wearing a knitted cardigan to keep warm if it gets a bit chilly.

He is also wearing shoes, also made by me to fit his little feet.

He is attentively made of German cotton viscose, while the stuffing is done with cedar wood shavings and sawdust.

Finnley’s head, arms and legs are firmly attached to the body with discs and cotter pins, which give him the ability to turn his head and move his limbs.

Eyes are a window to the soul as they say, and as usual I have put in a lot of time, effort and attention into creating the look and the facial expression of darling Finnley, to try and convey his personality and inner world.

This gentleman is shipped from mother Russia free of charge, and such shipments usually take 2-3 weeks to reach UK or North American destinations.

Have a very beautiful day!

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