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May the elephant


May is about 4.7″ (12-13 cm) tall and was born in 20+ hours of hand-stitching inspiration by my fellow toy-maker sister Alma (her other toys on Instagram – LoveSewn).

She is wearing a blue dress made of tender-to-touch cotton and linen pants. May is also wearing a cute pink gnome hat, and a neckerchief.

May is lovingly made of German cotton viscose, while the stuffing is firmly done using a vintage technique with cedar wood shavings and sawdust (the torso is stuffed a little less firmly than the limbs and the head).

Eyes are a window to the soul as they say, and as usual I have put in a lot of time, effort and attention into creating the look and the facial expression of little May, to try and convey her personality and inner world.

Our darling May will travel to her new home from Greece free of charge!

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