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Repeat order -30% Video Course Waldorf Inspired Doll Bree


Hello, Darlings!

Welcome to my online course on making a 15″ Waldorf-inspired doll Bree. In this course, you will learn making a doll with felted face step by step. The course contains 17 detailed lessons which you can watch any time you can and as many times as you wish until you succeed.

Requirements and materials

Knowledge of sewing is required for this course.

As for materials, you need:

– Doll fabric (any color you prefer).

– Other cotton or linen fabrics for a dress, tricot fabric for a bodysuit and tights

– Carded wool for stuffing.

– Mohair weft about 1,5 m-2 m and mohair yarn of matching color

– A crochet hook size 3.5

– Fabric glue

– A sewing machine and an iron

– Invisible pen and scissors

– DMC thread for eyes, mouth, and eyelashes

– Beeswax crayon for blushing cheeks

– Light brown aquarelle pencil

– Felt wool for a felted hat (about 30-40gr)

See you on the course!

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